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CubeIQ Limited has been founded by a group of professionals with long and successful presence in the banking market.

CubeIQ Limited was established in 2003. Although the sort time of operation, the company collectively counts more that fifty (50) man-years of banking and financial systems implementation expertise.

Engineering, technical stuff and banking business consultants contribute their experience to company's collective expertise and know-how on banking business applications and systems.


CubeIQ business expertise expands to the following sections:

 Payment, Transaction Processing, Card Issuance and Personalization Section

Electronic transaction processing: payment systems, authorization and switching systems, clearing and settlement, internet commerce- 3D Secure, mobile payments, on-line fraud detection & prevention, payment terminals (eft/pos), ATM, EFT/POS Remote Key Loading: A98™.

Card processing: card management and authorization, card issuance and personalization, EMV card issuance, EMV migration, centralized or distributed processing, Card Instant Issuance - CiiA™, chargeback management.

Simulation & Testing: ATM application configuration, simulation and testing. POS simulation and testing. Host 2 host simulation & testing. Stress test on high volume transaction processing systems.

 Bank Branch Automation Section

Bank branch automation: cheque readers, cheque scanners, self-service payment terminals, terminal cash recyclers - TCRs. Cheque book issuance - central, regional and local - branch. Card, in branch, instant Issuance. PIN, in branch selection. New application (account, loan card ...) automation and signature capture.

Cash automation:  terminal cash recyclers - TCRs, cash management.

Cheque processing: cheque reading and scanning - private and cashiers' cheque, cheque processing - centralized, distributed, OCR, ICR, IWR data extraction, image and data archival, clearing and settlement processing and interfaces.

 Risk & Compliance Section

AML systems: Anti Money Laundering systems, names filtering against SDN lists, enhanced due diligent - KYC, operation risk management,  AML on SWIFT Alliance Access servers, AML On-Line™.

Fraud detection: Transaction Surveillance, Fraud Detection on Wire Transfers, On-Us Cheques, Deposits & Kiting and Employees Operations.

 Treasury, Cash & Liquidity Management Section 

SWIFT related applications: SWIFT applications and STP, reconciliation and confirmation marching, Cash & Liquidity Management, Cash Reconciliation, Treasury Markets Confirmations, Securities Markets Reconciliation, Generic Reconciliation, Investigation & Exception Management, Anti-Money Laundering on SWIFT Server, On-line Duplication Detection, Message Archiving, STP messaging.

 Security Section 

Electronic Data Security:  Information & data security, Hardware Security Modules - HSM, database / disk / file encryption, Public Key Infrastructure - PKI, multi-factor authentication, digital rights management.

Physical Security:  physical access control, physical access & control logical access control, multiple geographical areas centralized  access control.

 Productivity Section 

Enterprise and retail applications:  forms processing - digital pen & paper, electronic loyalty systems & closed e-purses, business process management, workflow management, document and image processing, content management.


















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