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Identification & Onboarding

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ID Verification & Customer Onboarding


Face to Machine Customer IDentification.
Customer onboarding through Video IDentification technology, biometrics and AI algorithm. A World Standard, 100% Compliant, equivalent to face-to-face identification, video streaming technology has become the standard for high security ID verification processes. VideoID works either asynchronously (VideoID Substantial Registration + Agent Verification) or synchronously (Videoconference Interview).
VideoID is patented and the only one eIDAS certified.
Identity Verification through Face Biometrics.
SmileID®, uniques in the market SmileID is the New Standard for Face Biometrics. SmileID® a face biometrics solution for verification of identity remotely it is compliant with KYC/AML stringent regulations. SmileID® unique UX works on any channel from a mobile, desktop, tablet or digital platforms at branch offices. Enjoy an omni-channel identity verification experience from any device on any channel


Identity Verification through Digital Signatures.
SignatureID®, our Digital Signature Technology, eIDAS compliant, is the only digital signature in the market that binds your Digital Identity to your documents; it takes only a few minutes to be integrated in your web, mobile apps, channels, etc. It can operates as: (a) Simple Electronic Signature (SES) for low risk operations for up to 999 Euros, (b) Advanced Electronic Signature (AES) for Formal Identifications for any Risk Level when Face-to-face equivalent security required and (c) Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)* for Public Administration Level Requirements when Qualified Public Administration Level, equivalent security to handwritten signature, is required.
* requires CAs (Certification Authorities) and QeTSP (Qualified Electronic Trust Service Providers) collaboration.

Identity Verification Solutions for Onboarding other Legal Requirements

We offer KYC (Know Your Customer), customer onboarding and digital identity solutions and services that help our customers to provide theirs a unique, simple, frictionless, high-security experience that meets the highest standards required in international regulations. AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and eIDAS (Electronic Identification, Authentication and etrust Services) regulations are remodeling the market by allowing customer acquisition processes to be reduced from weeks to seconds to, for example, open a bank account online with total security and complying with the law.

Our Video IDentification, Advanced and Qualified Electronic Signature, and Facial Biometric Authentication services are transforming the way in which companies and customers interact. Current eKYC solutions, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning allow businesses in any sector, such as banking, insurance, financial and investment services, to be digitally transformed, reduce digital customer onboarding costs and grow by offering a unique user experience.

• Onboarding
• Contracting
• Authentication

• Desktop
• Mobile
• Branch Office
• ATM/Kiosk

• Banking
• Insurance
• Financial and Investment Services
• Telecommunications

Use Cases

•  Account Opening Process through Video Identification.
The account opening process is performed by asynchronous Video IDentification.

•  Retail Payments.
Use face biometrics authentication solution SmileID to facilitate payments in retail shops.

•  Online Contracting.
eSignature is performed online with OTP as Second Factor of Authentication (2FA).

•  Offline contracting with face biometrics.
eSignature performed offline with SmileID as Authentication method.

•  Cash Withdrawal in an ATM with face biometrics.
Use SmileID to enable user authentication in an ATM.

•  Access to Apps.
Use SmileID to allow the user access to apps.

•  Biometrics as Second Factor of Authentication (2FA).
Use SmileID to facilitate payment transactions.

•  Account opening process & face biometrics registration in an ATM.
The account opening process is performed by asynchronous video IDentification.

•  ATM/Kiosk contracting.
eSignature performed online with OTP as Second Factor of Authentication (2FA).

•  eSignature with eID Card or ePassport.
eSignature performed online with CertID.

•  Account opening process & face biometrics registration.
The account opening process is performed by videoconference.

•  ATM/Kiosk contracting with face biometrics.
eSignature performed offline with SmileID as Authentication method.

•  Account opening process & face biometrics registration in a kiosk.
The account opening process is performed by asynchronous Video IDentification.

•  Cash withdrawal in an ATM with your contactless card or ePassport.
Use NFC CertID to facilitate user authentication in an ATM.

•  Performing electronic signature by a manuscript graph.
eSignature performed offline by graph as Second Factor of Authentication (2FA).

•  Identity Accreditation Process.
The user takes pictures of their ID Card / Passport.

•  Contactless customer onboarding with your eID card or ePassport.
The customer onboarding process is performed through the Qualified Electronic Certificated embedded in the eID Card or ePassport
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