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CubeIQ Solutions and Systems

Welcome to CubeIQ products and systems web pages.

CubeIQ Products and Systems

Group: Hardware Products


Branch Automation

Teller Operations, Imaging, Pass Book Printing, Cash Management, Cheque Book Issuing.

CubeIQ provides an enchased automated branch environment with solutions which can save time, cut costs and improve security and customer care standards.  A wide range of automation peripherals are available for use in bank branches, post offices and similar environments. 

Our bank branch automation peripheral product family includes specialized terminals and machines able to cover all processing needs, with outstanding performance and reliability guaranteed by our vendors twenty five years and more of experience in banking automation equipment.



Teller Operations

Whether you are depositing a cheque or handling a bill payment or remittance, document code line reading - magnetic (MICR), optical (OCR) or barcode - represents the first step towards branch automation, by providing a faster flow at the counter and preventing typing errors.
The tellers can self-authorize for access to the workstation by using their badge or chip card.



Image capture can be used in teller, middle or back-office applications for archiving (microfilm replacement), cheque clearing (network transmission of document images) and/or MICR/OCR/ICR decoding. Our robust and reliable banking scanners are world-wide best seller.


Cash (Coins) Management

Coin counting, storing and recycling -  dispensing in portable, standing, compact and intergraded to ATM & Kiosks versions is the new innovative and patented line of bank branch automation terminals suitable also for any "cash handling"

Standing and portable coin recycling counters


Cash (Bank Notes) Management

Teller Cash Dispenser - TCD and Teller Cash Recycling Dispenser - TCR peripherals provide assistance in handling and control of cash in deposit and withdrawal operations, whilst discouraging bank robberies. The terminals are Euro-compliant.


Cheque Book Issuing

A quality cheque book can be completed and delivered to the customer within a minute, giving a better service while saving you money. DIDO cheque book and document dispensers can be used in back-office applications as well as in self-service (ATM-integrated) terminals.

Cheque book and document dispensers

Cheque issuance applications


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