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Group: Enterprise Software Applications


Configuration, Simulation and Testing

ATM, Host & EFT/POS Configuration, Simulation & Testing


The WorkSmart ATM Suite™ of software tools helps customers add graphics, video, and audio to ATMs with ConfigBuilder™, accurately simulate ATMs at a personal computer with ATMulator™ & ATMulatorPlus™, and verify ATM operation with host software with FASTest™ for ATMs.

Extensive experience with EFT systems, especially the ISO-8583 messaging standards, is evidenced in Paragon's EFT test tools FASTest for ISO™. FASTest for ISO™ enables fast, thorough, accurate testing of issuer and acquirer ISO processing using over a dozen FASTest™ “flavors” tailored for specific implementations of the ISO-8583 standard.

Test with off - the - shelf test messages, transactions, and scripts tailored specifically for a switch or network, or customize tests with any modifications from script contents to field data.  

Accurately and thoroughly test your system's ability to drive more terminals and process more transactions per second with FASTress™. Conduct stress testing without using a single terminal, and without the restrictions of your switch's test schedule. Emulate hundreds of devices (including any combination of ATMs and POS devices) and switch issuers or acquirers. FASTress™ is your solution for testing transaction throughput.  

Switch network members, quality assurance technicians, and program developers can conduct comprehensive scripted testing worldwide, 24-hours-a-day through your Internet or Intranet connections using Web FASTest™. Bypass typical remote setup issues (such as distributing software and establishing communications). Benefit from centralized maintenance of data files (defining the scripts, cards, terminals, and so forth, used for testing). Give remote users convenient, instant access to the robust testing capabilities of  Web FASTest™ through your secure Web site. 

Configuration, Simulation & Testing and ATM application management related applications are offered in cooperation with Paragon Application System Inc.


Paragon offers software solutions based on a unique understanding of ATM systems and of products from leading hardware/software vendors. This in - depth knowledge led Paragon to develop the only commercially available cross-vendor (NCR and Diebold) set of tools designed to improve ATM programmer productivity and enhance ATM network efficiency.



Paragon applications are designed to provide significant value to Banks,  Financial Institutions, and Processors.

Compliant with VISA, Europay / MasterCard and major Networks / Processors regulations.

Future proof.

Simplified ATM configuration.

Realistic ATM simulation and testing.

Comprehensive testing of terminal-driving software.

Thorough switch testing and pre-certification.

Extensive, accurate system capacity testing.

Web-accessible QA and regression testing.

Easy resolution of disputed ATM transactions.

Easy installation, operation and maintenance.

Short return of investment .


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