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Risk and Compliance Solutions

Anti Money Laundry (AML) Software Applications

Real Time Money Laundry Detection on SWIFT Gateway


The fighting against Money Laundering has now taken an additional dimension all over the world. Not only should you consider the detection of parties member of criminal organizations, such as Terrorism, Money Laundering, Fraud, as found on several lists published internationally, nationally and locally, but you have now also to detect suspicious activities by analyzing patterns of transactions.

The cost of implementing all these functions in an automated system may reach large amounts that will not be recoverable on increased business or fees. Companies are merely covering the insurance that their participation to these activities will not put them in trouble.

We are pleased to present SmartAML™ our new AML solution on SWIFT Gateway that encompasses many aspects of the Anti Money Laundering National, European and International legislation.

SmartAML™ are based on a well-proven solution, the Smart™ software platform that was already built with many features, helpful, to create specialized modules for Anti Money Laundering actions. These features include Advanced Transaction Filtering and Pattern Analysis Technology in On-Line and Off-Line mode.

Real Time Money Laundry Detection on SWIFT Gateway application servers are offered in cooperation with Swallow Technology (SwallowTech) Ltd.





An independent software application that is installed on a separate server machine which filters, two-way, transactions between two or more applications that transactions either pass through or by using real time agent plug-ins to the other applications.

SmartAML™ Swift Alliance Plug-in - SmartAML.SAP 


A SWIFT Alliance Plug-In module that is installed SWIFT Alliance Access (SAA) server and filters the incoming (from SWIFT) and outgoing (to SWIFT) transaction (SWIFT Messages). SmartAML.SAP is SmartAML™ agent plug-in to SWIFT Alliance Access server.


Filtering Technology

Filtering of SWIFT messages.


Smart™ platform has several modules to detect the presence of suspected individuals or entities in SWIFT messages:


In SWIFT Alliance Access


In line with any SWIFT interface


In real-time query / response in programs


In interactive query


In archive scanning

Filtering of other information

List processing

"False Positive Hits" and Positive list


For more information please visit:


Swallow Technology (SwallowTech) Ltd.


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