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Welcome to CubeIQ support and maintenance services web pages.

CubeIQ Support and Maintenance Services Specifications.

CubeIQ's Maintenance and Technical Support Services Agreement - MTSSA is delivered according to the following specifications:

Annual - 12 month period. Multi-year contracts as option.

Business hours: 5 days a week 8 hours per day duration of services (5x8). 5x12 and 7x24 as option.

Unlimited telephone support during regular business hours.

Two (2), four (4) or six (6) hours response time for hardware failures.

Three levels of severity with four (4), eight (8) and twenty four (24) hours response time. Next commercial release for cosmetic changes or low severity errors.

Commercially available updates and enhancements, are provided free of charge during the term of the agreement.  This includes new releases that may provide corrections or enhancements to existing features and new features developed according to the internal product evolution path.

Preventive maintenance, allocated response and repair time, spare parts in stock and consumables availability.

Unlimited access to an on-line technical database.

New software versions, new product modules, optional product modules, upgrades to the licensed level of number of users and custom development are provided at a significant discount.

Automatic notification and shipment of updates and enhancements to MTSSA end-users 


Expert international  service and support.


CubeIQ is committed to providing outstanding support for all of its hardware products, software products and solutions, no matter where they are installed around the globe. Our comprehensive services offering includes consulting, integration and customization, project and program management, onsite installation, software support and training. These offerings extend beyond traditional hardware services and provide complete turnkey support solutions to our customers.

Products covered under an MTSSA.


All CubeIQ products: hardware in terms of terminal devices, individual machines or machines in full production line, commercially available software applications, third party software applications, third party application suites and custom made software applications and solutions furnished by CubeIQ can be covered under a MTSSA.


For any question or comment please contact our support team at support@cubeiq.gr 

For product or services inquiries please email to: sales@cubeiq.gr




















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