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Card Instant Issuance System CIIS™

Card Instant Issuance System™ - CIIS™ is a solution for the automation of plastic card personalization at remote sites. 

The solution consists of plastic card personalization machines (plastic card printers - embossers) and a software application with the name Card Instant Issuance Application – CIIA™.

CIIA™ is specially designed for the issuance of plastic cards at at remote sites such as a bank branch (local issuance) or a merchant outlet.

CIIS™ and CIIA™ are available in four versions, with different topologies, that each covers specific business needs:


CIIS™ / CIIA™Stand Alone

CIIS™ / CIIA™ Server and Network Server (embossMe™)

CIIS™ / CIIA™ Client/Server

CIIS™ / CIIA™ Central Server  (2014)



The system accepts the card issuance requests, authorizes or declines the requests and drives the personalization of the card. Logging, on-line trace and audit facilities will enable the card production to be monitored thoroughly, improving security.

CIIA™ manages a number of desktop plastic card personalization machines from different manufacturers and with different technologies (emboss, indent, thermal and thermal transfer) among which sovereign position holds CIM's MAXIMA and SunLight series and HID/Fargo card printer series.

CIIA™ also drives card personalization machines from CTS Electronics desktop series, Matica desktop series, NBS desktop series, Datacard desktop Series and a number of desktop thermal printers for other manufacturers.



CIIS™ is designed to provide significant value to Banks and Financial Institutions

On-demand personalized card issuance.

Easy integration with core banking and card management systems.

Significant cost savings over centralized operation.

Instant delivery of cards to customer at branch level.

Enhanced flexibility towards changes.

Four different system versions to cover all possible operation modes.

Credit, Debit, ATM Cash and Proprietary cards support.

EMV card issuance at branch level.


For any question or comment please contact our support team at support@cubeiq.gr 

For product or services inquiries please email to: sales@cubeiq.gr



















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