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Cheque Processing System - CPS™

Cheque Capture & Archival System - CPS/CCAS

Cheque Capture and Archival System™ - CCAS™ provides an easy method for banks, financial institutions, and essentially any organization to scan and image their cheques.

CPS/CCAS™ consists of a Cheque Scanner and Cheque Capture & Archival Application - CCAA™, a software application, based on the iRecognIzer™ platform, specially designed and built for Capturing and Archiving Cheque Data.

Since CCAS™ is built on iRecognIzer™ technology and on Cheque Processing System - CPS™ architecture, CubeIQ's flagship products, it automatically inherits their technology, their architecture and their Document Management System integration capabilities. 


Microfilm and / or Photocopy Replacement


CCAS™  consists of  cheque scanners, a cheque capture software application and a powerful Document Management System - DMS.


Cheques are first scanned and then their electronic images are processed, indexed and finally stored to a Central or Distributed Storage Area. The intergraded DMS provides a easy but powerful archival, retrieval and image processing facility.


CCAS™ provides a more efficient and financially feasible method for organizations to retain cheque's electronic images, when compared to traditional microfilm / photocopy systems.


Eliminating the traditional microfilm technology, using CCAS™, makes the costs concerns regarding developing and storing microfilms to fade away.


Cheque images created by CCAS™ are stored in industry standard formats (JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PCX ... up to 42 formats) making them easily viewable and manageable by any document management system.


CCAS™ also includes full Optical Character Recognition - OCR and Magnetic Ink Character Recognition - MICR data (code) line capture functionality. The code line data typically include the IBAN, cheque number, account number, cheque amount, issue date and in general all data needed for the electronic processing of a cheque.


Once the OCR/MICR data are extracted they can be used for indexing purposes in the document management system image database as well as for the actual processing of the cheque. This feature in not offered by the traditional microfilm systems.




CCAS™ can be used independently, but it can also be implemented as a part of a broader Cheque Processing System.


For example, CCAS™ can be used as a differentiated client to restricted users of a complete cheque processing system for cheque images retrieval, viewing, print and email. Permitted functions can be activates altogether or separately.


Operational Configurations 

CCAA™ is available in two operational configurations:

Stand Alone - single site

Client / Server - multiple sites



CCAS™ is designed to provide significant value to Banks and Financial Institutions.

Increases operating efficiency by more than 40%.

Decreases operating cost by more than 40%.

Easy integration with Bank's existing data storage environment.

Easy integration with Bank's existing Document Management System.

Open, configurable and  highly parameterized system.

Easy upgradeable to cover future needs or future legislations.

Short Return Of Investment.


Technical Specifications

Reading and Image capture

Full OCR (OCRA & OCRB) and MICR (CMC7 & E13B) code line data capture.

Color, gray scale with 16 or 256 shades of gray or B/W.

Image resolution: from 100 to 200 dpi.

Merge front and back side of a cheque into single image (option).

Front and back document images in one pass.  

Up to 4 images - front & back “brutto” (neutral images) and front & back “netto” (red dropout images for OCR/ICR machine and hand print decoding requirements) in one pass.  

Drive of cheque scanners with proprietary device drivers from different manufactures such as CTS, Rototype, Buic and any other upon request.

Drive of any TWAIN compatible cheque scanner.

Functionality and Configuration

MS SQL or MS Access standard internal database.

Cheque image indexing based on code line data or  independent data such as site - branch number, date, sequence number etc.

Advanced cheque image compression algorithms.

Support of Native SQL, OLE DB or ODBC for interface to other databases.

Standard functions: scan, index, compress, archive (save), retrieve (view), print, email.

Operates in single cheques or in batch mode (cheque packets).

Software application  

Management software application from the iRecognIzer™ family. CCAA™ is included in each Cheque Capture and Archival Station. The application works in stand-alone or client/server configuration when multiple capture and archival stations are required to store data and archive images in a central database.


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