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Cheque Processing System - CPS™

Coupons Processing System - CPS/Coupons

Coupons Processing System - CPS/Coupons is a system for the bulk processing of documents that are marked with one or multiple barcodes. The system can process large volumes of bar-coded documents at high speed and with great accuracy. It uses advanced image recognition technology, becoming a powerful tool to increase productivity.

The system can have one or multiple Coupons Processing Stations. Each station consists of a document scanner and the accompanied software application. The stations have small footprint, are silent, easy to install, operate and maintain and can process a variety of documents.



Lottery tickets

Meal tickets

Admission tickets

Manufacturer's coupons

Inventory labels

Shipping and receiving Tags

Warranty cards

Gift certificates

Utility bills

Sales Slips

Discount coupons

Subscriptions Slips


Processing Volume 

Depending of the average daily volume and the peak hour volume of documents to be processed, one ore more of the supported documents scanners should be chosen.



Nominal Volume


Peak Hour

Daily (8 hours)

Annual (260 days)

30 dpm

> 900

> 5.800

> 1.500.000

40-60 dpm

> 1.900

> 12.100

> 3.140.000

80 - 120 dpm

> 3.800

> 24.300

> 6.300.000

200 dpm

> 8.600

> 55.000

> 14.300.000


Document Size in mm

Depending on the document  dimensions and thickness, the appropriate of the supported documents scanners should be chosen.



Dimensions and Thickness


Length (mm)

Height (mm)



100 to 150

35 to 60

0,07 to 0,09


225 to 330

105 to 110

0,10 to 0,12



Barcode reading and document counting.

Barcode reading and document sorting based on barcode value.

Document scanning and image archiving.


Technical Specifications


Barcode Types: 1D: EAN13, EAN8, UPCA, UPCE, CODE39, CODE128, Interleaved 2/5, Codabar, UCC/EAN 128. 2D: Code One, PDF417, Data Matrix, QR Code Model 1, QR Code Model 2.  

OCR Types: OCRA and OCRB.

MICR Types: CMC7 and E13B.  

Multiple Reading: Maximum reading resolution: 1 character per 4mm.

Multiple barcodes of the same or different type on both sides of the document in one pass. 

Multiple barcodes and OCRA or OCRB reading in one pass.  

Multiple barcodes and MICR reading in one pass.  


Automatic document sorting based on barcode or part of the barcode value.

Discard of unreadable, damaged, illegible or foreign documents.


Automatic document counting without barcode or OCRA/OCRB or MICR reading.  

Image capture

Color, gray scale with 16 or 256 shades of gray or B/W.

Image resolution: from 100 to 200 dpi.

Front and back document images in one pass.  

Up to 4 images - front & back “brutto” (neutral images) and front & back “netto” (red dropout images for OCR/ICR machine and hand print decoding requirements) in one pass.  

Drive of cheque scanners with proprietary device drivers from different manufactures such as CTS, Rototype, Buic and any other upon request.

Drive of any TWAIN compatible cheque scanner.


Front or rear document stamp (fixed text and logos).

Rear high definition ink jet printer for variable document endorsing (variable text). Adjustable height: 2 positions.  

Software application  

Management software application from the iRecognIzer™ family. iRecognIzer/Coupons™ is included in each Coupons Processing Station. The application works in stand-alone or client/server configuration when multiple coupons processing stations are required to store data and archive images in a central database.

Multiple barcode values and OCRA, OCRB and MICR data are stored in ASCII, CSV files or directly into relational database tables.


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