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Intelligent Cheque Clearing System - iCCS™

Intelligent Cheque Clearing System™ - iCCS™ is a solution for the automation of the daily cheque clearing in Banks, Financial Institutions, Factoring companies and Clearing Houses.

The solution consists of Cheque Scanners, Encoders & Sorters  and a software application based on the iRecognIzer™ platform with the name Intelligent Cheque Clearing Application - iCCA™.

iCCA™ is a new software application, specially designed and built for Cheque Clearing and it takes advantage of all the cheque processing and image management technology developed in the iRecognIzer™ platform.


iCCA™ is available in two architectures:

iCCA™ Stand Alone

iCCA™ Client/Server


iCCA™ works together with cheque scanners from a number of different manufacturers such as:

CTS Electronic: All Scanners

Rototype: DAB6000, CBX600V

Any TWAIN compatible scanner

Any proprietary driver scanner upon request


iCCS is a complete clearing system and integrates incoming, outgoing & their respective return clearing processing according to the rules defined by the local Clearing House.

Available versions and modules:

Application for Daily Processing in Banks


Incoming Intelligent Cheque Clearing Module - IiCCM™


Outgoing Intelligent Cheque Clearing Module - OiCCM™

Application for Daily Processing in Clearing Houses

Application for Post Dated Cheques Processing



iCCS™ is designed to provide significant value to Banks,  Financial Institutions, Factoring companies and Clearing Houses.

Increases operating efficiency by more than 25%.

Decreases operating cost by more than 25%.

Intergraded outgoing and incoming processing and their corresponding returns.

Intergraded post dated processing.

Easy integration with the core banking system.

File format to-and-from clearing houses defined at installation time.

Open, highly parameterized system that can cover easily any clearing house processing specifications.

Easy upgradeable to cover future internal processing needs or future clearing house specifications.

Short Return Of Investment .



Central, regional (option) and local - branch (option) clearing.

Post dated cheques clearing (option).

Intergraded incoming and outgoing clearing

On central clearing: processing per branch, unit, division and special production centers selectable at the beginning of each processing cycle.

Multiple clearing zones support.

Multiple clearing houses support. 

Rule based clearing house selection.

Extensive reporting.

Report generation according to clearing house rules.

Customizable incoming and outgoing clearing workflow rules.

Configurable core banking interface file format.

Configurable incoming and outgoing clearing with their returns file formats.


Technical Specifications

Built for Microsoft technology with Microsoft technology (VC, VB & .NET).

Stand alone version.

Two tier architecture in client/server version.

MS SQL or MS Access standard database with Oracle or DB2 as option.

Multi user with definable users privileges.

Multi language support - 2 basic languages (EN & EL).

Multi currency processing. Currency defined at the beginning of each processing cycle.

Code-line reading: MICR (CMC7 & E13B), OCRA & OCRB.

ECB cheque code-line specification included.

Other code-line formats customizable upon request.


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