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Cheque Book Application Foundation - CBAF

CBAF/Corporate & CBAF/Private Releases

CBAF/Corporate and CBAF/Private, collectively called CBAF/Retail are a MS Windows-based laser cheque printing software applications build by CubeIQ for the non financial market. 

CBAF/Retail assists accounting departments to print cheques in a fast, efficient, secure, flexible and cost effective manner.  


CBAF/Corporate has been designed to work in accounting departments in large corporations and in accounting firms where the daily volume of cheques is significantly high. 

CBAF/Private has been designed to work in accounting departments in medium corporations, small companies and professionals where the daily volume of cheques is relatively low.


Cost Reduction


Almost all accounting systems and all traditional cheque printing software applications print cheques on continuous pre-printed cheque forms and on heavy duty dot-matrix printers. With CBAF/Retail cheques can be printed completely on plain paper and on standard desktop laser printers.


CBAF/Retail  has the capability of printing logos, graphics, signatures, variable text, the IBAN and the OCRB code-line as well as any other static text formatted according to ECB and HBA specifications.  It allows you to print everything onto blank cheque paper eliminating the need for pre-printed checks.   




CBAF/Retail can handle unlimited number of companies and unlimited bank accounts. Cheques can be processed and printed one by one or in batch mode.  


CBAF/Retail  has the capability to operate in stand-alone or client/server mode, in a single user or multi-user environment, in single or multi currency configuration.


Access to the software is realized with user name and password that ensure that only authorized users can print cheques.


Extensive logging and a full cheque print historical file is available for audit purposes and future use.  




CBAF/Retail interfaces with most Accounting, Financial, Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP, Customer Relationship Management - CRM and Customer Management systems allowing on-demand printing of cheques that are formatted according to European Central Bank - ECB and Hellenic Bankers Association - HBA specifications. 



CBAF/Retail™ is available in three versions.

Professionals, individuals and small business that need to print cheques related to one bank account will use the Basic version.

Medium and medium to large organizations that need to print cheques related to more and up to ten than one bank account will use the Premium version.

Large enterprises, group of companies and accounting firms that need to print cheques for multiple companies and for multiple bank accounts per company will use the Advance version.  



CBAF/Retail™ is designed to provide significant value to Enterprise, Organization, Corporations, Professionals and Individuals that print cheques in-house.

Works with your existing accounting system.

Works with your existing laser printers

Reduces cheque printing time.

Reduces cost of printing and storage of pre-printed cheques and documents.

Eliminates costly pre-printed cheques.

Enhanced security.

Easy installation and training assistance are provided with your new system.

Grows with your needs thanks to flexible, scalable features.

Generation of various MIS reports on cheque production and system usage.

Creates cheques for multiple accounts, currencies, and company logos in one step on blank safety cheque paper or on plain laser paper.

Cheques can be signed automatically based on strict, user defined, signature rules.

Eliminates expensive post processing equipment required with multipart continuous forms.

Short Return Of Investment .

Do business efficiently, reliably and cost effectively.

Take advantage of the latest state-of-the-art technology.


For any question or comment please contact our support team at support@cubeiq.gr 

For product or services inquiries please email to: sales@cubeiq.gr



















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