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Card Personalization Stream Management - CPSM

Card Personalization Stream Management - CPSM™ is a software application that provides an automated solution for managing two or more CIM® card personalization machines in any combination from a single point of operation.  

CPSM™ manages CIM’s® Embosser 1000 & 2000, Thermal 1000 & 2000, Combi 1000 and Inserter 3000 models in any combination and in any configuration including smart card personalization operation using MultiFeeder 6000 model.


Personalization of high volume of cards


With CPSM™, card issuers can personalize high-volume of cards efficiently, sharing the personalization load to multiple card personalization machines. Personalization machines management can be achieved from a single point of operation through an advanced software application interfacing with MultiCard™, CIM’s card personalization software application.

Personalization machines interface


Each machine is driven locally by CIM’s MultiCard™. CPSM™ interfaces with the latest release of MultiCard, MultiCard 2013 (but also supporting previous releases), updating in real-time MultiCard’s database files both in terms of card data and personalization configuration parameters.

CPSM™ in real-time also “reads” MultiCard’s status, log and error files transferring the operational and production status of each machine to a central, single point of management.

Host system interface


CPSM™ connects directly to the host for transferring data through a LAN/WAN TCP/IP. Direct connection eliminates the operation cost of using and managing tapes and the operation cost of managing errors due to misplaced or missing removable media and / or duplicate or missing files. Direct connection also increases security because it permits to keep sensitive data stored on a secure location, the host, and extracting them just before card personalization time.  

Production cycle time deduction


CPSM™ stores images, personalization configuration parameters and all card production related files in a central easy-to-access location. Operator minimizes repetitive manual processes and reduces the risk of errors. CPSM™ also provides centralized data backup and restoration, when needed, eliminating the need of redundant backup or file duplication procedures in the host side. The overall end result is shorter production cycle times.     

Extensive reporting


CPSM™ not only simplifies and automates card production but also provides to the operator production status information in real-time mode. This enables him to monitor card production and to make better decisions during production time. CPSM™ creates an extensive number of production reports that let the operator to follow-up production status and deadlines.    

Security increase


CPSM™ increases security throughout the card personalization process. Functionality increasing security is: Multi level password protection that ensures card data access only by authorized personnel. Interface with the host is encrypted (option). Interfaces with the local MultiCard applications are encrypted (option). Centralized storage and “just-in-time” extraction increases sensitive data protection.



CPSM™ is designed to provide significant value to Banks,  Financial Institutions, Service Providers and Processors that personalize credit/debit/cash cards internally.

Increases operating efficiency.

Effectively balancing workloads.

Shorten production cycle times.

Increases data security.

Decreases production error ratio.

Minimizes initial investment cost

Minimizes operational cost.

Increases productivity, efficiency and profitability

Short Return Of Investment .


For any question or comment please contact our support team at support@cubeiq.gr 

For product or services inquiries please email to: sales@cubeiq.gr



















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