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iRecognIzer™ is the software engine of all CubeIQ's cheques, item and document processing integrated solutions.

iRecognIzer™ is a family of software applications that have been developed for managing the cycle of cheque reading and cheque scanning.  The application can operate in stand alone or in n-tier client/server configuration



Financial environment: cheque processing

Retail environment: coupons processing and cheque processing in accounting departments.

Financial & Retail environments: cheque validation




Cheque Processing Application Foundation used in CPS™ and iCCS™


Cheque Validation Application used in CPS/Validator™


Remote Cheque Capture Application used in CPS/rCCS™


Coupons Processing Application used in CPS/Coupons™


Cheque Capture & Archival Application used in CPS/CCAS™


Cheque Processing Application for Accounting Departments used in CPS/Account™


Cheque Register Application for Accounting Departments used in Cheque Register™


iRecognIzer™ works together with cheque scanners from a number of different manufacturers such as:

CTS Electronic: All Scanners

Rototype: DAB6000, CBX600V

Any TWAIN compatible scanner

Any proprietary driver scanner upon request



From the processing speed point of view iRecognIzer™ is available in the following versions:

Codeliner/70™:  reading, manual feed.

iRecognIzer/100R™: scanning, manual feed.

iRecognIzer/100™: scanning, auto feed, up to 30 dpm

iRecognIzer/200™: scanning, auto feed, up to 60 dpm

iRecognIzer/500™: scanning, auto feed, up to 120 dpm

iRecognIzer/800™: scanning, auto feed, up to 200 dpm


dpm: documents per minute


Codeliner/70™  & iRecognIzer/100r™


Codeliner/70™  & iRecognIzer/100r™ are versions with a minimum user interface because they were designed with the principle to be integrated with a banking teller application. However if is requested to work independently of other applications the user interface is adequate. 


iRecognIzer/100™, iRecognIzer/200™, iRecognIzer/500™ & iRecognIzer/800™


iRecognIzer/100™, iRecognIzer/200™, iRecognIzer/500™ & iRecognIzer/800™ were designed with the principle to work as stand-alone systems, exchanging data and files with other systems.  The three applications work at branch back office level or at regional level for scanning, archiving and sorting cheques from 30 dpm (documents per minute) to 200 dpm. 

All three can work either locally or in client/server architecture with the server part to be a central database for storing – archiving cheque images and cheque data like the cheque code line. 


All applications can be integrated to a broader Document Management System (DMS). 


For any question or comment please contact our support team at support@cubeiq.gr 

For product or services inquiries please email to: sales@cubeiq.gr



















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