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Data Security & Cryptography

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Welcome to CubeIQ products and systems web pages.
CubeIQ Products and Systems: Enterprise Security Solutions
Security Systems, HSMs and Cryptographic Systems
The environment
Basel II/III Accord, EU Data Protection Directive (GDPR), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), California privacy laws, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Modernization Act of 1999 (GLB),  Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) are some of the mandates that organizations should comply.

Industry standards, international bodies and government regulations, national legislation, security best practices and increased competition require the adoption of more efficient business processes. Streamline services, cost minimization, improved risk management demand of  banks and financial institutions to take aggressive steps to protect their business-critical data and comply with industry regulation.

Governmental, private enterprises and retail chains require processes to control costs, improve efficiency, and secure electronic communications. Protecting private and sensitive data during transport but also as they are stored or shared between organization has become the most critical task, as criminal techniques becoming more and more sophisticated.
The solution
CubeIQ together with leading security and cryptographic partners such as Thales (ex Gemalto/SafeNet), Utimaco, Cryptomathic, Bull (ATOS),  HID Global, Promisec, FileOpen and Securosys provide mission-critical, certified  technologies to secure information across all industries.

Protection of sensitive and classified data, protection of structured and unstructured data, application security, authentication and signing, network security, digital identity management, secure electronic transactions, database encryption, PKI infrastructure, data preparation, key management, dogital rights management, end point securitu are areas on which CubeIQ with her partners provide enterprise security and cryptographic solutions.

CubeIQ with with her partners proven, high grade technology provides banks, financial institutions, governmental agencies, enterprises and retails chains the ability to secure their data, enforce internal security regulations, achieve compliance with national or international mandates and assure that their financial and data assets are protected with the highest available levels of security.
Data Security and Authentication Applications
Banking & Finance, Government, Enterprises

HSMs (General Purpose HSMs, Payment HSMs, Network HSMs, Cutomizable HSMs, PKI HSMs).
DataSecure™ (Structured - databases & Unstructured - files, disks, partitions, data at restv - transparent encryption).
StoreSecure™ (NAS and SAN transparent encryption).
TokenManager™ (Data tokenization system).
Network Encryptors (Data in motion encryption).
Securosys 365 (Office 365 files dual key encryption)

Data preparation
CardInk (EMV data preparation) for Banking & Finance.
ID Issuer (e-Passport BAC & EAC based).

Authentication and Signing
Authenticator, Signer, Token Manager (e-Banking and online payment applications).
Authentication Manager™, AM SaaS (e-Banking and online payment applications).
ActivID™ (Strong customer authenication, mobile authenication)

Key Management
Crypto Key Management System - CKMS (Lifecycle management and distribution of keys for issuing and acquiring networks).
Crypto Service Gateway - CSG™ (Centralized crypto platform, centrally controling HSM services & crypto policies).
KeySecure (Centralized key management, lifecycle and key distribution management).
Enterprise Key Manager™ (Manage and protect keys on behalf of a variety of applications including database).

PKI Infatructure
Certification and Registration Authority - CRA, Time Stamping Authority, OSCP Responder, Validation Authority.
PKI Management (On-Premises PKI Authentication Management)

Assets Control & Digital Rights Management
RightsManager™ SaaS
RightsViewer Clinet Plug-In
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